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Meet the Ecrubox

We’ve grown quickly but we come from highly experienced parts. It’s probably time we hired another photographer, but the mood remains the same. Dynamic, open, transparent, we work under the direction of our founders Heather and Sebastian Horton. All 40 of us are aligned to the mutual success of the clients we work with. We like it here and that’s critical to the service level we strive to.

Co-founder of Ecrubox Digital


Hands-on, world-class digital strategist. Outspoken through experience. MBA, entrepreneur, visionary, enabler. Ecrubox is Heather’s dream team.

Co-founder of Ecrubox Digital


A stable force, managing the unique challenges of a large firm. Handler of significant finances and Ecrubox strategy. Co-founder and right-hand man.

Client Services Director


Carrie recently made the move from London and brings a wealth of integrated marketing experience across a number of global brands.

Head of Social


Head of Online Content and Social Media and mum of Ella and Oscar, Lois has masses of experience to help your organic and paid social deliver the goods.

Head of Social Media and Content


Lucy has global experience producing content for a variety of industries. Back in the UK after 15 years of film, tv and fashion blogging in New York City.

Head of SEM


Highly motivated, deeply experienced SEM leader. Inspiring, informed, recogniser of patterns in the endless stream of data. A conversion driver, a genius.

Co-Founder of Ecrubox Development


 Lead developer on all projects. Originally being an online seller himself using Magento/M2epro, from this he gained vast knowledge of Magento and the benefits it could have for multi channel businesses.

Senior Performance Marketing Executive


Joe has somehow managed to become a test subject for anything his daughter wants… On the side, he also does some performance marketing.

Performance Marketing Executive


A personable and passionate paid specialist. Matt enjoys lifting heavy things and supporting lost cause football teams.

Social Media and Content Executive


Rufus’s Mammy, tea enthusiast & music lover, who’s also unable to pass somebody the street without them giving Rufus a fuss…

SEO & Content Executive


Lover of all things dance and a mindful yogi. Laura is an ice coffee addict, loves cooking on the weekends and prefers cats over dogs…

Graduate SEO & PPC Assistant


A recent graduate from Oxford Brookes. Angelos loves drinking coffee, having a social life, and travelling.

SEO & Performance Marketing Executive


Pointy faced dog enthusiast. Jamie loves nothing more than settling down with a hot drink and writing a bio about himself.

Content & Social Media Executive


Cara can’t go a day at work without making a gif and laughs the loudest at her own jokes.

Performance Marketing Executive


A makeup enthusiast and a traveller. Rafia is known to her friends and family as an undercover masterchef without the qualifications.

Social Media & Content Assistant


Sophie is the designated doughnut queen who is obsessed with cute doggos, digital marketing, and the rise of modern millennials!

Graduate Social Media Assistant


Tea drinker, vintage wearer and design obessed. Casey is equally in love with cats just as much as dogs.

Director of Happiness & Cuddles


A fun, cuddly, and loyal doggo, that knows everything there is know about Digital Marketing, he just needs to perfect his English…


I can highly recommend Ecrubox, who has been an incredibly hard-working and effective partner. They have combined being a great pleasure to work with, with creating high performing campaigns

John Edwards