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How a technical folding bike story became a powerful business case

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to web development, especially when you ask eCommerce business and folding bike gurus Brompton Bicycle.

Founded in 1975 by Andrew Ritchie from his bedroom in South Kensington, the Brompton Bicycle brand has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. Developing new bikes, including Brompton Electric and Brompton Superlight, and transforming the bicycle market with their innovative new colourways and folding mechanisms.

Head of Customer Experience Harry Mann, came to Ecrubox in the search of a team who could help develop his dreams of improving the customer journey throughout their website, in turn, helping them convert more website visitors into buying customers.


Built on Enterprise platform Sitecore, the Brompton team looked to include personalisation throughout their pages, in order to tailor each visitors’ experience to their own journey, dependant on which pages they’d visited beforehand, as well as diversify how they portrayed and developed their custom bike builders.

Alongside this, our team also worked with Brompton’s eCommerce team, to create, manage and optimize their paid online activity across social media, Google, Adwords, and Bing, in order to keep warm leads moving throughout their online funnel and become converted customers.

 At the start of the pandemic, we also helped the team build an e-commerce website on Shopify in just 2 weeks to enable them to sell bikes direct to customers. This increased online sales by 5x


Working with Brompton we planned and implemented PPC campaigns for their entire range of products from their extremely popular Folding Bikes, Accessories and Clothing.

Paid Social

Working predominantly on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, we ran a mix of campaigns to help guide users through the purchase journey to convert sales.

Reporting & Insight

As well as daily as optimisation and monitoring of insights, we also produced an in-depth monthly report to summarise activity and results.

Organic Social & Content

A key part of the strategy was to manage the brands organic social, interacting with users and posting regular, engaging content.


Our aim was to develop an all encompassing search strategy to address everything from technical optimisations to a data driven content strategy, whilst remaining relevant and engaging to Brompton’s core audience.

Digital Strategy

We helped Brompton to develop their digital strategy from the ground up. We worked closely with them to identify key opportunities and audiences driving results.


The whole team are experts in their respective fields, and the work that they’ve undergone to help further the development of our brand, website and online strategy is phenomenal. They’re no longer an external agency to us, Ecrubox is now an essential part of our extended team.

Harry Mann
Head of Customer Experience


Over the past year that Brompton has worked with Ecrubox, the brand has seen…


250% Increase
in goal conversions in 2018 vs 2017

Website Visitors

79% New
Website Visitors in 2018 vs 2017


£3.38 ROAS
A total return on ad spend for every £1 spent in 2018.

“Brompton Bicycles have been a fantastic brand to work with, with their ever growing community and long history in British manufacturing, the passion for the brand from both their customers and staff, has made working on the marketing a real treat, which has been reflected by the positive results we’ve been able to deliver since working with them”

Heather Horton | Co-founder of Ecrubox Digital


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