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Client and agency relationships- 6 signs that it’s a good fit  (and why that synergy is so important)

Although Ecrubox itself has only existed for 4 years, our leaders here have been doing this for 40 years between us. Some good things always repeat. 

Marketing isn’t just about clicks and numbers, it’s about the perfect process. 

Here are the 6 signals that have always combined to create the perfect fusion between client and agency relationships.  

Trust in Decision Making

Ecrubox is built with experts leading the way. We are anything but ordinary and continuously move the needle and aim for results. With that being said, all relationships are built off a foundation of trust. That’s why “Integrity” is No. 1 on our list of core values.  

We strive to do what’s right for our clients — even when it’s hard. 

Before action can take place, we make sure to be transparent with our process, strategy, and opportunities. Then when it’s a good client-agency fit, the client will allow us to move forward and begin the test and learn stage. If we are held back by every move we are trying to make to get the best results, this plays havoc with deliverables. That’s the beauty of digital marketing. So we need the space, trust, and commitment from clients to allow us to do that. If it’s not there, this can cause chaos for both parties. When clients trust in our decision-making it’s a beautiful thing and so much progress can be made at such a faster pace. 

Aligned On Expectations

If the objectives are not aligned then so much will be missed. Sometimes this can be down to a lack of understanding from the client’s side, poor miscommunication on a previous handover from one agency to another, or an inability to communicate what success means to them. Either way, if our clients have different expectations, there will be for sure, a disconnect. That’s why we access, discuss and establish a clear roadmap on how we will work with them. As a partner, our job is to achieve revenue targets, forge out a formidable strategy and help implement it across all stages. For this to happen- we both have to have our eyes on the same finishing line.

Vanity Metrics Are Not A Priority

When clients come to us with an expectation of measuring vanity metrics and relate that to business impact, that is usually going to cause problems. The clients we work well with have a deeper understanding of engagement, and how that behaviour is key to measuring results as opposed to liking, visiting, or watching. It’s the action they take after that really matters to the overall impact of a brand. Here at Ecrubox Digital, we have found that consulting around impact is recession-proof and makes for more robust business metrics on the consultancy/agency front. Vanity metrics, on the other hand, are more of a cost centre and are not substantial. 

Open To Ideation

​​A client that is open to concepts or trends is certainly a good fit for our agency, especially in instances of rebranding, redesigning, or shifting the targeted messaging on digital platforms. We can achieve common results, but this sometimes entails thinking and doing things outside of the box. It’s the Ecr(box) way. That’s why it goes back to the first point, trust in what we do is paramount so that we can lead clients to places they have not yet gone before.

They Think Big

We understand that scaling is not for everyone, but as an agency, we like to think big. There is a common misconception that scaling is just about growth, but it’s about so much more; Flexibility, agility, versatility – all the things that equip your business for expansion but also prepare them for unforeseen changes that can and have blown many a business off course. Scaling is about wanting to last and succeed. Not just about size. 

They Hire Us as a Partner

As an agency, our focus is on creating space for our clients to thrive and excel in the world of digital. For this to happen, we need the space and opportunity to help drive those results. When we are told what to do, we are no longer a partner, we just become a service provider. 

Ecrubox Digital was created to become an extension of a brand and not just an add-on. Those clients that value their own values, as well as our own, are a perfect fit for anything but an ordinary agency like ours. 

By honing down on who and what works best for us as an agency we gain a sharper focus on the clients that allow us to do what we are best at. Being the experts in digital marketing. 

Getting the process right is an essential part of what we do. Speak to Heather at team@ecrubox.com.


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