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A Love Letter To E-Commerce

Dear E-commerce. 

Where do I start? There was a time when our relationship was non-existent. Those were the days when consumers preferred the high-end “luxury boutique” instead of a seamless transaction online. But it was love at the first click for us marketers, and we knew there was something special about what you did. Do you remember? Of course, you do; transactions are stored in your database; that’s what makes re-ordering so simple with you. 

But as with any relationship, things change, and so do consumers. Our love for e-commerce is stronger than ever, and as digital marketers, we are responsible for making sure that you are enjoyed, seen, and experienced in your best light. This means equipping brands with the right tools, insight, and data to make sure that consumers enjoy every piece of code available to them. 

There is so much to be optimistic about when it comes to our relationship with you and the ever-expanding world of online shopping. But as with all relationships, a strong foundation needs to be built for it to last. This year it’s about piecing together the trends analysis, data, insights, and creative concepts to ensure that every digital storefront we are involved with brings out the best version of you and your power. 

Let’s face it you are low – maintenance

Choosing e-commerce is a win-win for any business owner. There is no expensive rent to pay, small teams can scale and inventory can be reduced. Let’s face it; you give our clients a lot more for a lot less money compared to a fancy department on the high street in London. 

But you are complex. And a complex personality needs an expert to understand them.

You have matured exponentially, especially since the pandemic. And in all honesty, there are weaknesses in this relationship. Don’t take it personally, you have bounds of potential and are a force to be reckoned with but in some cases, you are just not being fully understood. That’s where we come in. As an agency we are anything but ordinary and dedicated to providing luxury brands the best possible service; making sure your capabilities thrive and you leave consumers with an unforgettable experience.

Look, loyalty is a big deal.

With so many options, countless choices, and ever-changing content, the competition to stand out in e-commerce is hard. But as a go-to space, you, e-commerce will never go out of fashion. Consumers are loyal to on-demand shopping. We just need to make sure the experience is unforgettable for all the right reasons. People need to know how to push your buttons on landing pages of favourited websites and give you their phone numbers without a hard sell. Brands need to know how to look effortlessly polished across all digital touchpoints and finally how to keep up with the demands of being the go-to source for a lifestyle choice. Online shopping.

Where do we go from here?

It’s been a busy month leading up to Valentines. It appears as though post-pandemic consumers really like the idea of love. Whether it is self-love or love for another, they want to show their admiration through gifting. And e-commerce is the place to do it. We have worked closely with our brands to ensure they provide consumer-led content, options for personalised services, and digital ads that will leave them wanting more. We are even seeing Brands rejig their strategy for the unattached and lonely, allowing sales-pitch opt-outs “around sensitive occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. One common trend that is evident during Valentines and shows no sign of slowing down is the desire to find little moments to “treat yourself” which of course, plays beautifully into the growth of e-commerce and shopping online.

But our work doesn’t end after a one-day event

Even post-Valentines we will use our learnings, research, and insight to provide further concepts that will fuel the growth of what we see as creative commerce. So much so that we want to continue this conversation with a series of opinion-led articles that offer the ins and outs of what you are and how you work. 

But for now, we know that you really like the trend of visual commerce, and so do consumers!

  • Visual commerce is on the rise: Visual commerce is the next generation of normal static visuals. It takes marketing to a whole other level as instead of simply using product photos, visual commerce takes it one step further by incorporating other types of content such as user-generated content, interactive content, engaging and interactive videos, and as previously mentioned, augmented reality. This helps bring the product to life and create a sense of unexpected delight and make the products relatable and accessible. 

So here are some things we are recommending to our clients so that they can excel in your world of e-commerce:

  1. Change default products images from JPG or PNG to a WebP format to improve quality and loading speed.
  2. Create 360-degree images or videos of your top-selling products.
  3. Invest in a visual search tool to allow customers to search for products using images.
  4. Repurpose user-generated content on your product pages to boost conversion rate.
  5. Create visual shopping ads on Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and increase sales.
  6. Use QR tagging to connect and blend offline and online content.
  7. Create an interactive 3D visual, often useful with highly configurable products.

What can we say? We know we have packed in a lot but we know our take and tips will help our brands shine in the world of e-commerce. Do you like what you read? We have a ton more coming your way. 

We are doing this for the love of digital. Without further ado, let us re-introduce you to our series of articles; Ecrubox Take. Next piece out next Friday.


In- house Content Strategist, Fashion and Food Enthusiast.