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Emerging social media trends you need to know

Social Audio, Instagram Creation, and the rise of Augmented Reality. Just three of the social media trends your brand needs to look out for in 2022. With over 3.6 social media users worldwide, your brand cannot afford to neglect an online presence. If your brand is looking to effectively engage your audience in 2022, here are some key social media trends you need to keep an eye on. Ensuring your content strategy and brand engagement can stay on the right track.

1. The Power of Sound

Podcasts, Clubhouse, and Twitter Spaces. Audio communication has taken a hold in recent years, with more brands turning to these platforms to create a conversion within their community. Seeing the value of audio as part of a holistic content strategy. With 44% of marketers leveraging audio chat in 2022, according to HubSpot and 77% of businesses planning to invest in audio-only content this year, according to Hootsuite. Now is the time for creating universal cultural connections with your audience.

2. Movable Insta Feed

Recently Instagram announced a new feature, where brands could rearrange their grid posts. A pivotal moment in the social media landscape; helping them to repurpose published content. Re-publishing previous content when a trending moment occurs, building familiarity by resharing UGC content; and better managing the aesthetics of your branded profile. Driving engagement, saving budgets and enhancing brand awareness. This is already the biggest 2022 social media update.

3. The Rise of TikTok

Instagram had been the heat of social media marketing and digital content strategy for many years. Growing at the fastest rate, it was producing some of the highest return on investment for brands. However, the rise in video content changed this. With 35% of consumers preferring to use YouTube and 19% using TikTok. Holding over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is now the 7th most popular social media platform. This year, have your brand takeover TikTok, with valuable, engaging and authentic content. Creating content that truly resonates with your audience.

4. Purchasing through Augmented Reality

IThe Metaverse, Augmented Reality and Digital Spaces. Social media has seen the rise in AI technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality. With major platforms like Snapchat and Instagram introducing Augmented Reality filters, to enhance visual content for consumers. Brands have also started to leverage AR to provide better shopping experiences for customers. According to the Drum, these virtual environments can boost click through rates by as much as 33%. With the rise of the Metaverse and more social media platforms adding VR and AR functionalities, this is set to take centre stage in 2022.


Sophie is the designated doughnut queen who is obsessed with cute doggos, digital marketing, and the rise of modern millennials!