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How To Create Content That Adds Value.

We have seen a huge spike in brands turning to digital to help with their sales. Digital storefronts have been the solution to most retailers surviving throughout the pandemic.  But, interestingly enough in addition to this, we have seen a spike in consumer behaviour as UK shoppers are four times more likely to buy from online marketplaces than direct from retailers. 

“Research by Adobe found that 57% of shoppers are buying from marketplaces, compared to 13% on retailer websites – Adobe’s conclusion being that, even with more time on their hands and restrictions to shopping in-store, consumers were drawn to the broad product ranges, robust delivery infrastructure and limited steps between logging-on and checking-out that characterise marketplaces.”

“Many brands and retailers already have a digital presence but what do they need to do to break the dominance of the marketplaces and attract customers to their sites?” 

They need to capture their attention in ways that marketplaces can’t.  As well as offering a seamless buying journey, they also need to experience a story. They need added value.  Most of us are aware of how valuable content is to a brand’s strategy, but the ironic part of all of this is that what most brands are forgetting to add to their content is valuable. 

Value-added content is exclusive content that your audience cannot get anywhere else. What value are you adding to your content? 

It’s all very well and good churning out content because you think that’s what you are supposed to do, but in some ways, it could be doing you more harm than good.

This is where value-added content comes in, so here’s a 2-minute guide that could help to increase your engagement and turn those leads into customers. 

Build Your Own Community Hubs 

We are currently seeing a lift in content that highlights the loyalty of digital communities, especially post-lockdown. Even as stores reopen virtual events are also popular amongst followers however topics are very niche accommodating for specific audiences and seemingly driving strong traffic as a result of this. 

Now more than ever people want to be part of a community. Online communities can serve as an extra dimension to a brand’s marketing success. Digital communities help to empower brands and highlight more than just their products and services and make a real impact on customer’s lifestyles. Creating content that is exclusive to these hubs entices them to return and also feel valued as a consumer. Quizzes, surveys, articles, and behind the scenes footage that is only available on a page that sits firmly on your site will help to create a continuous stream of users. 

Real-time interaction with your brand

In a marketplace, consumers are often searching for reviews and feedback from other consumers. Why not create a real-time live session with team members, founders of your brand or company spokespeople to help bring our story to life. Answer questions and keep content up to date with product launches new collections and Q and As. No one knows your brand better than do you. Help set it apart from other content that sits in the same industry by forming a connection. 


Guides are a great source of value-added content as not only does it help to educate your consumers about your brand but it also helps to build a stronger relationship with your audience. Being able to acknowledge pain points, create actionable content, and provide answers to common questions that your customer is asking, shows that you are listening to them and aligned with their behavior, wants, needs and desires. It shows that you are listening to them and responding to real-time questions. Your content is relevant and timely which sets you apart from branded marketplaces that don’t always have the time and resources to personalise content in a way that brands can do on their sites.


Have we got you thinking about the stories you could be sharing on your own site? Feeling excited yet still a little overwhelmed at all of the possibilities? Why not contact us to chat through some of your ideas? We can help you with your strategy which is essential when creating content that drives results. Content, after all, should always add value to your reader’s life. As the brand owner, you have the freedom to increase the positive impact you have on your community with the content that you are creating.


In- house Content Strategist, Fashion and Food Enthusiast.