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Is IG The New QVC? Home Shopping For Millenials.

Tired of brands telling you how to bounce back into action? Exhausted at the thought of your daily schedules returning back to normal? Don’t worry this is not an infomercial for a brand new herbal remedy, this is just a friendly start to our weekly Ecrubox take chat to let you know that we feel you!

Our team thought you may be in need of a little inspiration to brush off those “dusty” feelings as you head back into the office. To help us all out we have put together some tips to put you at ease which you can find HERE and then once you have relaxed into your Friday afternoon why not check out the rundown of the digital trends below.

Grab yourself a cuppa and get ready to scan a roundup of headlines that are moving and shaking things up in the world of digital marketing.

The Story:

Home shopping is no longer something that your great-aunt, grandma, or Uncle Phil only do. We hate to break it to you, but you are now the home shopping King and Queen of our generation-honestly it’s true, but instead of ringing up for your QVC special, you are clicking on a product that you didn’t even know you needed.

Instagram has tapped into this behaviour and has rolled out new ways to encourage users to shop on the platform and not surprisingly, the brands are on board.

The Trend:

Instagram introduced Instagram Shop feature on July 16, which features a shopping page with curated product collections, brand shops, and items personalized to a user’s interests and brands they follow. It seems as though, brands can be featured by tagging products in content and making their own product collections. 

Is ‘Instagram the new mall? You can now do everything you would do when jetting out for your weekly Saturday shopping spree. But now it’s even more convenient and suits your every need. You can chat with your friends, share and review products and connect with brands in a new and exciting way in the comfort of your own home.

As Instagram places a greater emphasis on shopping, a wide range of beauty brands have now adopted the beta Instagram Checkout feature that allows shoppers to purchase within Instagram sans a link to an external site.

Our Take:

Social shopping is the new way of discovering, exploring, and trying out new brands in a convenient, personalised and comfortable setting. Consumers no longer want to venture to an external link, they want to be taken care of in the online “digital experience” center that they originally chose; Instagram. The key to this trend will be understanding how to navigate, delight, and encourage users to their own digital marketplace in the near future post-Instagram shopping spree.

The Story:

User-generated content (UGC) has become a popular trend used within marketing strategies, and that’s because it’s relatable and presents a real-life perspective for consumers. On the flip side, it’s a cost-effective form of media for brands to use. More and more consumers are gravitating toward brands that implement UGC, with a recent study revealing 96% of consumers are now wary of traditional advertisements.

The Trend:

93% of consumers say UGC is helpful when they are considering a purchase. Millennials, specifically, rely heavily on UGC as a “good indicator” as to whether or not a brand or product is high-quality. For brands questioning whether to implement UGC campaigns into their marketing strategy, Social Media Today found that companies incorporating UGC have seen a 20% spike in repeat visitors to their websites, and an increase in time spent on their websites by 90%.

Our Take:

This story may not be new, but what it is, is relevant. It proves that UGC isn’t going anywhere and that brands should consider this strategy into their marketing plan. What’s important, is how brands identify and determine the types of users and content that would be a good fit for them. Digital communities want transparency, authenticity, and real-life reviews. UGC needs to thoughtful, deliberate, and clear. Above all, today’s consumers are looking for clarity.

We wanted to end with less of a story and more of a final thought:

As traditional publications decline and independent social networks increase, an area to pay close attention will be the social publishing outlets that reach a direct, niche target audience. In most cases, brands could use these platforms to reach targeted consumers and shorten the distance between themselves and their audiences. Generally, it will be smaller marketing spend and possibly drive more results? Something to consider as you draft up your Autumn marketing budget.

That’s it from us! Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to catch up on this week’s LIVE at our IGTV channel.


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