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How To Stay Motivated Post-Lockdown

It’s strange to think how the home office has now become the norm and the regular office seems like somewhat of a memory. Who would have thought this would be the reality? And just as we start getting used to it all, the time has come for us to change things up and phase into life post- lockdown working life.

As a team, we are very lucky as our co-founders have chosen to offer our team a hybrid model, allowing us to choose a structure that works for our individual needs as we phase back in a more “familiar” routine with a restructured office space, sanitary workplaces, and ongoing employee feedback is consistently encouraged.

The idea of returning to our brand new office in Worcester filled us all with excitement. Finally, some of the team would be able to catch up in person, collaborate, and be together again.

But what happens when you finally settle at your desk, look at your screen and begin your work life back in the physical world?

  • What happens when you are not necessarily feeling motivated and a little out of sorts about the “not so new,” but yet also somewhat unfamiliar work environment?
  • How do you get back into the flow and continue to stay motivated as you phase back into the new normal?

Well first off, it’s important to recognise those “dusty” times that will come and go during between 9-5; when it feels like you are responding and working in the way that is expected, yet you are not always fulfilling tasks or achieving daily goals.

It’s a self-coined term, but one that I have certainly felt in the first week back in the office. Moments have truthfully felt dusty. My job is to create content and to develop new forms and ideas around communication. It’s fair to say I may have felt a little stumped a few times in my first week back. So why? Why was I feeling this way?

After chatting with the team here are three areas that we all felt might be playing into our dusty moments during the day as we phase back into the office along with some tips to help you flow into your new routine.

Could you be caught in the “busy trap?”

I’m sure it’s safe to say that the majority of us were caught in the “busy trap” before lockdown. And then we were all forced to hit the pause button. HARD. We slowly started to adjust to a new routine working from home and replace our “old” busy with a newfound busyness in the comfort of our own space.

Now as we return back, we are trying to figure out our pace in the office again. Are you overcompensating by adding to your “to do” list to make you feel like a superhero? It’s okay, we are all doing it… But in reality, at the end of the working day as we drive home and reflect on our day are we only achieving half of what we set out to?

To remove yourself from the busy trap, you’ve got to ruthlessly prioritize and eliminate non-urgent tasks, which will allow you to invest in work that’s truly important. Just don’t forget your caffeine kicks!

I’m a ‘list’ girl, so making a daily to-do list and allocating time for each task really helps me to stay focussed throughout the day. (Obviously working in plenty of time for a quick walk to the kitchen for regular caffeine top ups!)

Lois Freail- Head of Social Media and PR

Are you Emotionally Exhausted?

After all, let’s not overlook the fact that we are going through a pandemic. That’s right, it’s okay to continue not being okay all of the time just because you are now back in the office doesn’t mean that you have to have it all together, all of the time.

Who knows what working from home during lockdown may have been like for you? Have you been juggling multiple roles such as a parent, partner, and marketing executive for the last 100 days? Be kind and more importantly, be patient with yourself as you start back in the office. This may be the first time that you are experiencing what a quiet setting feels like. It may actually be the first time that you have been able to breathe since going into lockdown.


It feels good right to breathe. So take your time phasing back into this new chapter of work.

My top tip for staying motivated at work is making the most of being active, so walking to work, moving around or going outside at lunch as it boosts your mood.

Laura Court-Jones- SEO and Content Executive

Are you relying on willpower?

Convincing yourself to accomplish a task out of sheer will is difficult. When willpower fails you, try to focus on creating habits that make your success inevitable. What I mean by that is, often getting started on a big goal or complicated project is the hardest part. Once you actually get going, the whole project feels a lot less daunting.

The trick to staying motivated is to create small habits that help with productivity and make you feel good about what you’re accomplishing.

My top tip for staying motivated when you return back to the office is to create small, bite-sized goals which can be achieved throughout the day

Jessica Cory- Social Media and Content Executive

So back to that project you were putting off until you were back in the office and working with your team in person…now’s the time to tackle THAT project.

No one among us is motivated and productive 100% of the time. That is a FACT. So be kind to yourself. This is a learning curve for us all, none of us have been here before, but as lockdown proved, we are all in this together. Be sure to check in with yourself, with your team and encourage open dialogue in the office about how you can not only stay motivated as individuals but also as a team.

As someone who experienced lockdown by myself, working remotely and not being around anyone else was certainly hard. But after 30 days a habit is formed and working alone became the norm. Phasing back into working in an office with people will take time and that’s why team activities, discussions and allocated time to help stengthen the team spirit is crucial for any company during this transitional stage.

Lucy Norris- Head of Content and Communications

How is your company phasing back into the office? What top tips do you have that you would like to share with our community? Follow us on Twitter @ecrubox and share your advice and ideas on what it means to you and your team when it comes to staying motivated in the new normal.


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