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Brands champion the consumer. Twitter gets hacked and QR codes become the unexpected hero in a touchless society.

This week we reopened our Royal Porcelain office in Worcester for the first time since lockdown. As seamless as the remote working model has been for us all (as a digital agency so communicating virtually is in our DNA) it was still wonderful to be reunited with our team.

How are we opening up safely?

Our co-founders have chosen to offer our team a hybrid model, allowing us to choose a structure that works for our individual needs as we phase back in a more “familiar” routine with a restructured office space, sanitary workplaces, and ongoing employee feedback is consistently encouraged.

As we chatted and shared stories of lockdown life this week, one subject that was covered in our social distancing office breaks was the topic of “How are other business reopening?” We would love to hear your stories.

Be part of the conversation at #EcruboxChat and tweet us on how you are phasing back into the office.

To add to that, stay tuned for an article next week offering you some top tips on how to stay motivated when you return to the office. Our team has compiled some advice to help you with this transition as they experience the hybrid model first hand and of course, give you their honest and yet somewhat amusing take on this “new world”

Until then, let’s crack on with what’s been trending, emerging and, popping up in the world of digital news.

The Story: Twitter. Oh, dear.

Some of the world’s richest and high profile politicians, celebrities, and companies were the subject of a massive Twitter hack on Wednesday. Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Kim Kardashian West, and Bill Gates were among the accounts pushing out tweets asking millions of followers to send money to a Bitcoin address.

The Trend:

Well, it’s not fair to call this a trend. It’s awful that this took place but what is becoming ever so increasingly popular is the fact that security breaches affect some of the most powerful people when it comes to the world of digital. This hack shows just how vulnerable social-media platforms are and how security implications of the hack are also wide-reaching, not just for Twitter but for all social networks.

Our Take:

Digital world. Real effects. Now let us be clear, we know this hack didn’t affect the regular person like you or me, but what it did do is highlight the fragility of digital security and why people don’t trust all that “appears” online. It’s understandable why there are people still afraid to share their details on professional eCommerce websites, and why customers still resist the advantages of booking, shopping, and sharing details online. As marketers, our job is to make our communities feel safe, give them a reason to trust the brand, and continue to provide solutions that create a seamless, safe,, and trusted experience for customers in the world of digital.

The Story: Post COVID opens up a world where You are the champions.

Is influencer marketing coming to a crossroads? When Grazia, the lifestyle magazine, chose to profile NHS workers on the frontline across multiple covers, it seemed as though it represented more than just a seasonal marketing move and more like a shift in gears. It was somewhat of a crucial shift. This shift is something that we are forecasting to spill over into the kind of stories brands are going want to tell and – ultimately – where they want to spend.

The Trend:

With some much spending online there will continue to be a need for frictionless eCommerce solutions to market and scale influencer campaigns. However, there is a desire and pull towards authentic, honest, and real feedback, storytelling, and experiences.

Our Take:

Consumers’ lives are evolving at a rapid pace. Lockdown life has seen a lot of existing trends and behavioral shifts go into overdrive. This opens up space in the market for real opportunities for voices that can connect with our new way of living. Brands should start to consider who are the heroes in their community? Activists, Innovators, Changemakers? Consumers are tapping into their own values and starting to question the values of brands that they choose to align themselves with. Featuring, highlighting, and acknowledging the champions who are making the world better whilst choosing to be part of your community are the influencers that could build your consumer’s trust.

The Story: QR Codes. You have heard of them. But really, how useful are they.

The truth is they may be a little like zoom. We didn’t know how much we really needed them until we started living in a pre and post-COVID world. Consumers being fearful of physical contact in our ‘new normal’ has created an opportunity for digital innovators, including an important rise in the use of QR codes.

The Trend:

It’s not until you see how they are being used, do you think, why were we not doing this before? On a recent outing to a bar, I followed the arrows, gave my phone number at the doors, and wasn’t surprised by the new structure until I sat at a table with no menus. I know, how could I still be shocked by the obvious? Of course, there are no menus, everyone’s hands would be on them, and sanitising them after each use is impossible. So instead, you scan a QR code to access a digital menu. A seemingly obvious solution right? Environmentally friendly, easy to update, and of course touchless. But it got me thinking, If a QR code can replace a menu, what else can it do?

Our Take:

QR codes have become an indispensable part of our new contactless world – and they’re changing consumer behavior in more ways than one – these include Cashless society, public transportation, restaurants and wait for it…. updated content that lives within a product that is accessible with the scan of a QR code. Watch our recent episode on the Human Commerce series to find out more.

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