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Digitally Fit Brands. Touchless Tech. Webinar-ed Out? Here’s Our Take

Let’s start like we mean to go on, shall we? Ready for some BIG digital marketing news that will get you all jumping for joy?

The Story:

In a recent report, 49% of respondents confirmed that they focused their marketing spend on digital AND 28% of those have been spending 90% or more of their marketing budget on digital rather than traditional strategies. This is huge! Companies are seeing the value, need, and potential in digital marketing and instead of cutting marketing budgets, they are investing!

The Trend:

Covid-19 has redefined the customer journey and experience. It has created an environment where the relationship between e-commerce and offering a personalised experience is nuanced and where digital efforts need to be stepped up. Especially in the luxury sector.

Our Take:

For most brands, the pandemic served them with time to evaluate, strategise, reset, and shift. For those companies that had relied on a brick and mortar store and traditional marketing, things had to change rapidly. For those companies, that already had a digital storefront, things still had to be amped up to meet new demands, behaviours, and customer trends. With all of this change, comes a need for guidance, expertise, and innovation. Those brands that will remain the digitally fittest will be the ones that continue to work and invest in their partners (agencies, in-house teams) to push boundaries, deliver results, and remain motivated to always hit new goals.

The Story:

Touchless Tech. A solution Post COVID? Touchless technology developed by Bristol’s Ultraleap has been signed up by cinema advertisers in the US.

The Trend:

Safety will be paramount for every company set to reopen in the new era, but it can run the risk of affecting the overall user experience. The installation of Ultraleap’s touchless technologies provides safe and clean interaction while engaging the consumer.

man writing on board

Our Take:

Elevating the user experience whilst also addressing the new needs, concerns, and demands of the consumer is paramount. Rather than trying to backstep and recreate what was familiar in the old world, this is the time to innovate and develop a new way of learning, sharing, and engaging with your community. The CEO of Ultraleap, Steve Cliffe, stated that people are 1.8x more likely to interact with gesture control in the future, compared to touchscreens. This creates a big opportunity for touchless tech as it becomes clear that using this type of technology not only surprises and delights consumers, but is also highly valuable as people can interact without touching surfaces.

What solution can you offer your consumer that protects them from emerging concerns and instead, excites them about future possibilities?

The Story:

Surviving a crisis with content? Does this story sound familiar? Over the last 100 days and have you churned out more content than you thought possible? It was the main way we could connect and communicate with our consumers. And with that came endless WFH posts, quizzes, digital workshops, and webinars. So let me ask you, was it worth it?

The Trend:

Inboxes and news feeds were dominated by information about COVID-19. We all wanted a link to escape. A conversation to focus on and a reason to stay connected with our colleagues and industry peers. Webinars were a top pick when it came to content options. But will they continue on or rate we all a little webinar-ed out?

Our Take:

Now that lockdown has loosened and we are finding our way in our slightly shifted and altered ways of normal, webinars can still be a great digital marketing tool. It’s a resource that offers timely insight, knowledge, and an opportunity for others to connect and network but it also serves as a form of digital PR for your company. However, to retain your user’s interest, the level and quality of your content need to be elevated. Topics need to be strategised and a certain element of delight should arise from the overall online experience. But more importantly, consistency is crucial. Create a series of conversations and always make your community want to come back for more.

If you need advice on how to get your brand talking, get in touch us with us and we’ll help you get the conversation flowing.


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