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Reopening? Do It With A Different Perspective.

As lockdown rules loosen, and brands take tentative steps to start trading again, it’s interesting to see some of the new shifts, strategies and tactics that are coming into play to greet this “new normal”

Here’s our take on all things digital as brands get ready to go “Back To Business”

The Story

Like most DIY companies, Homebase and B&Q have been keen to reach customers who are using their free time in lockdown to get familiar with their toolbox. They suddenly found themselves as a go-to resource when the public was bound to their houses and looking for tips, tricks, and ideas to spruce up their homes. The DIY brands invested heavily in content marketing via email and social media to encourage customers to visit their local branch. Consistent communication meant that trust was built and a stronger relationship was formed. They are now using their digital strategy to stress the importance of in-store mandatory social distancing measures to keep employees and customers safe as they get back to business as usual.

The Trend

According to research from reputation intelligence firm Alva, this is a strategy that’s paying off in terms of brand perception. Its data shows that 81% of people felt positive about the approach the pair had taken, while 18% were ‘neutral’. Just 1% felt negative towards the brands.

Our Take

Delight your customer with the unexpected. Take them on a journey and keep the story going. Build a roadmap of content that can entertain, educate, and offer your community insight.

Content marketing is such a powerful approach for conveying a clear message about your brand, how it’s adapting in the current climate, and how you are preparing for the future.

With that said, don’t create content for the sake of content. Make it personable. Delight your customer with the unexpected. Take them on a journey and keep the story going. Build a roadmap of content that can entertain, educate, and offer your community insight. Discover how you can create personalised videos that excite your customers as you prepare to go back to business.

The Story

This week we saw Nestle hire a brand marketing manager via TikTok and McDonalds launching the first voice-initiated application process. Pre-pandemic, many brands were embracing more creative hiring strategies.

The Trend

The global WFH experiment expedited by the coronavirus has made that more urgent. As the remote working becomes the norm as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has already confirmed staff will be able to work from home “forever” even after lockdown measures — brands will need new ways to find and then connect their people. 

Our Take

As an agency we were prepared and ready to work remotely however, pre-pandemic, we always chose to be based in an office. It works well for our company culture and we, like many others, prefer collaborating, ideating, and working together in person. But as industries begin to take baby steps towards the new normal we should be asking ourselves the following questions. How can we better engage with the people we want to attract? Could new digital hiring strategies help us find new groups we might previously have overlooked? And if hiring isn’t on the horizon, could playful virtual environments help your employees interact and network? Whatever happens with ‘work’, a brand will always be the sum of the people that make it. So they should always be at the center of it.

Why not do a digital brand health check before you reopen? Sign up for a free webinar with our SEO Manager, Niall Cullen, a series partnership with Worcestershire Business Central

The Story

Brand-To-Brand Collaborations are cutting through the noisy world of digital and winning at the marketing game in the new world. Fenty Beauty announced a collaboration with buzzy bubble tea brand Heytea to promote Fenty Beauty’s new Cheeks Out cream blush collection. This is the latest in a string of beauty and bubble tea partnerships in Asia aimed at winning over young customers, now that shops in China have reopened. Yes, it’s a different market over here in the UK, but the strategy should not be ignored. Both brands are photogenic, look great on social and appeal to the same audience but live in different industries. A perfect equation for a successful collab

Image taken from LSN Global

The Trend

Brand-to-brand partnerships are a great way to scale pay-for-performance efforts and drive more profitable growth. They are an incredibly exciting part of the digital mix, and in most cases, complementary advertisers can benefit from each other’s reach and brand equity. The affiliate channel offers a great place to kick-start these partnerships through each other’s existing platforms and network of relationships. A stronger dynamic may be achieved as brands partner and collaborate with each other, opting out of the influencer-brand strategy. As companies reopen and evolve to meet new consumer expectations, brand-to-brand collaborations may offer a more efficient approach to help companies scale and build the audiences during times when this matters the most.

Our Take

Collaborations and partnerships are very important to us as an agency. We believe it to be a sustainable model that allows for growth and innovation. There are so many benefits when it comes to partnering with like-minded companies. But also things that you need to be prepared for. Find out more about how you can carve out a sustainable marketing strategy while working alongside a complementary brand.

Sign up for an upcoming free session with our co-founder, Heather Horton, to learn more about how to set up shop in the new world.

That’s it from us today! Enjoy the long weekend and why not take this extra time to start fueling your business plan when it comes to reopening. What can you do differently? How can you make an impact? What can you do for your team to prepare them for a new way of doing business?

Until our next “Take” stay well, stay healthy, and stay connected.


In- house Content Strategist, Fashion and Food Enthusiast.