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3 Ways To Check In With Loved Ones That Are Working From Home

Millions of us are now working from home with our office’s seconds away from our families, our fridges and distractions. Whilst we may have had a place to stretch our legs at work, prepped our lunches at home the night before and got dressed presentably for those mid-morning meetings… we are now worlds apart working between four walls, and for many confined spaces.

Here are just three effective ways that you can use to check on the people that may be working long hours from home. These tips have also included self-help methods too!

One: Suggest some fresh air

Just ten minutes of exercise can contribute a bit of positivity, a mental release and a change of scenery into our routine. Whilst maintaining social distancing and staying with those in your household, perhaps a short walk together, a kick-around with a football or a ten-minute no equipment needed workout? If you are working from home alone, perhaps an online class or guided meditation after work could help keep you in tune with your mental wellbeing.

Soul Sanctuary yoga has a range of classes online, factoring in your psychological and wellness queries, exclusive classes and more. If exercise is not your favourite, simply enjoy some fresh air for ten minutes and just stretch your legs.

Two: Meal-time matters

We are all going through our separate struggles. It is important to remember that people may not be able to respond to your emails or calls as quickly as desired. To best manage this would be to have honest conversations with clients and staff. Ask how they are managing, how their families are and if there is any way in which you can help ease any pressures. Furthermore, collaborate with your clients, whether that be through Pinterest boards to collate ideas or live videos with Q&A’s, it can help maintain the creative flow to achieve great ideas together without attaching too much pressure on individuals.

If there isn’t someone there with you at home…

Make time in the day or over-night to prep your meals, especially for the ones you are prone to missing. Perhaps make overnight oats or a fruit salad for the early morning starts. Energy is key for concentration and getting through the whole day at work. You could even Facetime a friend at the same time and have a breakfast morning virtually together. Also, if you have a comfortable work environment, I’m sure they won’t mind you having a bit of toast on zoom! We are all adjusting to the new routines…

Enjoy this really simple overnight oats recipe that you can adjust as necessary.

If you find it hard to consistently make yummy food through-out the day, make dinner an occasion. Clear your table, sofa or wherever you eat and enjoy the downtime without any work distractions. Kick your feet up, enjoy the silence or a good film and tuck into a well-deserved dinner.

Offer Three: Get talking

No matter the method of communication, just a ten-minute chat can elevate anyone’s spirits during this difficult time. Personally, no matter the generation I have sent letters to my grandparents, had video calls with my family and calls with others. Just asking how someone is doing, what they have got up to or if they need anything can make the world of difference. If someone is working from home, perhaps encourage they set reminders for “me time”, time to have some water or time for a change of scenery (meaning look away from the screen!)

How have you been feeling working from home and have you noticed anyone struggling? Drop them a message, bring them a chocolate bar upstairs or have a nice drink together at the end of the shift.

If you are struggling with not having someone to talk to, please visit these helpful links.

Guest Author: Amy Marshment

Guest Author  @allthereisishome