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Looking For A “Virtual Care Package For Your Business?” Here’s What We Are Using.

I bet you have never felt more popular than you do now; Invites to conferences AND global summits? Who would have thought we would have been receiving access to worldwide events and invites to “exclusive” meetups on the daily?

As much as we welcome this new popularity status, I think it would be fair to say, we may all be feeling just a tad overwhelmed. Yes, as businesses we want the support, but can’t someone just hand over a neatly packaged virtual “care box” with only the top resources in… minus the extra rubbish?

Your wish is about to come true! We have spent weeks sorting through the “extra support” and have rounded up a list of of our top resources that we are using and added, “Our Take” on how best to use the platforms.

The Story:

Two guys built a business around bringing marketers together. Now they do it all online. A positively lovely community of 15,107 marketers, helping each other get better at what they do.

Virtual Meetups organised by The Marketing Meetup

The Trend:

We are all familiar with networking events, and for these types of gatherings to excel, they need to be well-executed and thought out. Joe and James have worked very hard at creating a safe, educational and inspiring platform for marketers to grow, learn and develop in. When the pandemic broke, it meant all events were cancelled. At first, extremely heartbreaking, as we are huge fans of this organisation and have attended, spoke at and supported a number of their meetups. But the guys turned everything around and took their business online. The guys were able to adapt a service that was dedicated to bringing people together in the real world and grow a new arm to their business online. What did that mean? More events, more access and even more experts to learn from.

Our Take:

During these times of isolation, we all know that it’s important to stay connected. But, with that said, choose those virtual networking events wisely. You may have more time on your hands, but TIME is still valuable. The Marketing Meetup remains strong because of the values it was built upon. The people behind it and the members who attend.

The Story:

Enterprise Nation is a vibrant community of small businesses and business advisers that exist to shortcut your route to trusted business support.

The Trend:

Small business hubs are great resources and support systems no matter what the world is going through. It’s always important to be part of a community of fellow entrepreneurs who share similar visions, challenges and ideas as you. Enterprise Nation has been a wonderful partner of ours, inviting us to speak at events, featuring us in articles, and asking us to collaborate on social campaigns. The access to other members, resources and advice are invaluable and throughout times like these, the inspiration and encouragement that is shared throughout their platforms is truly appreciated. It reminds us that we are all in this together but also have a variety of different needs and Enterprise Nation does it’s best to meet those.

Inspirational messaging from Enterprise Nation

Our Take:

Be part of a hub, join that Chamber and commit to that a new form of membership. Investing in opportunities like these may not be a priority, but gaining extra support, insight and advice from experts can help to keep you on track during these times.

We decided to enrol in The Birmingham Chamber Of Commerce just as the Pandemic hit. Uncertain times call for communities to come together and support local businesses which is what we felt the Chamber was doing, and we wanted to be part of it. They have rolled out new services, perks and opportunities for members which we are also making the most of. Especially the GBChamberChat every day at 11 am.

Do your research, ask questions and be conscious of how these hubs are handling themselves and taking care of their members during these times. This is when a true character comes out in us all.

The Story:

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and account for 99.3% of total UK businesses. As a small business ourselves we are well aware of the current struggle that small businesses face, and the daunting prospect for some that they will not weather these trying times.

The Trend:

The world may have stopped, but your brand’s story needs to continue. We get it, Marketing is the ultimate Catch-22 for a small business. It’s almost impossible to raise awareness, generate leads, land customers and build a brand without spending money on marketing. And right now, no one wants to part with their money. 

Our Take:

As such we are offering any small business based in the West Midlands a FREE interactive session where our experts will be offering advice and guidance around how to make the most of digital marketing for your business.

This is an opportunity for small businesses to ask questions to our digital marketing specialists, and to engage with other small businesses in our local community as we all come together to navigate these unprecedented times. You will be able to ask us “Our Take” on all things marketing and use this time to put in a strategy for your brand during a lockdown. 

Fancy hanging with us tomorrow? Want to be part of the conversation? You can save your spot or register your interest in upcoming webinars HERE:


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