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The Ecrubox team hopes everyone is staying safe, checking in with their mental health, and planning something interesting at home this weekend!

Life in lockdown is strange, no doubt about it, but through the uncertainty and unfamiliar territory comes some simple yet very effective innovations, solutions and services. In today’s Take we round up three of our favourites: 

The Story

With barbers closed, it’s safe to say that the buzz cut has become a bit of a Caronavirus craze. If you are reading this, you have either 

  1. Attempted to shave your own hair, considering it or contemplating a top knot. 
  2. You are the partner of a guy who wanted you to get scissor happy on his hair. 
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The Trend. 

Health and beauty brands have had to adapt quickly in order to continue servicing their clientele. Whether it be online classes, guides or virtual sessions, companies have had to pivot rapidly in order to remain close to their consumers in the digital world.

‘You Probably Need a Haircut’ is a service that connects you via video chat with a hairstylist showing you how to cut your hair. The website pairs you with a world-class hairstylist or barber via video chat to get your hair through these hard times, thereby helping hairstylists making money during the lockdown.

Our Take

This is just one of many services that are using video chat, personalisation and instant messaging. Those brands that are typically very hands-on with their services need to find an alternative touchpoint to create a new experience that meets the current demands of the consumer. 

The Story

Virtual nights made easy: Google Chrome extension Vemos now enables people to remotely watch a movie together with full video chat The free Google Chrome extension Vemos enables you to watch movies with friends remotely, on the most popular streaming services (Netflix, Disney +, Prime video, Youtube), with a full video chat built-in.

The Trend

Virtual hangouts have skyrocketed and for obvious reasons;  We want to connect, play games and chat throughout self-isolation and we are all in need of a distraction. But we are also craving experiences and human interaction. That’s why entertainment companies are partnering with or creating their own technology tools to provide virtual hangouts around content. 

Our Take

Finding ways to connect your consumers virtually will help them to form a memorable and comforting experience around your brand, during what we can all say is a very difficult time. Providing solutions that are not seen as essential, yet do keep us connected and entertained will prove favourable for customers. In times of crisis, what we all crave is an escape and virtual movie nights prove just that. 

The Story

Amsterdam-based creative agency Achtung! recreated its office in virtual reality for after-work drinks to enable their colleagues to gather together in the office. Last Friday, the first joint after-work drink gathering was held with 70 employees taking part.

The Trend

This new normal is so unique to us, but certain parts of it are becoming all too familiar. The Zoom setup and the Google Hangout backdrop are going to get boring when the novelty wears off. Virtual reality provides an enticing and out of the ordinary experience, builds connections and can also provide a familiar environment (an office design)  but at the same time stretch our imagination into a brand new world. 

Our Take

As an agency, we think this is super cool. Not only does it bring the company together but it pushes the creative skills internally and also showcases tools and services that they offer as a creative business. This “happy Hour” idea about a lot more than just after-work drinks. This is about a company that is using this lockdown to research, develop, innovate and design new opportunities for their clients as well as themselves. 

As we round up this week’s Ecrubox Take we want to give one last shout out to our hero: Captain Tom. Thank you for proving that anything is possible. Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to join our co-founder Heather Horton on IG Live @ecruboxdigital on Tuesday at 1:30 pm.


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