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New Normal. New Consumer.

We know that it’s a strange time and adjusting to this new normal is going to take some work, but rest assured that we will continue to provide you with “our take” on all things digital, in the hope to inspire your marketing minds and keep you connected with the branding world. 

What does your new normal look like? 

In between Slack calls, zoom meetings and google hangouts you can find us collaborating and creating as we work to provide innovative solutions for our brands. Being able to adjust, adapt and innovate are key components to any success throughout times of crisis and we are dedicated to supporting our clients. Even when as we work remote, we are more connected than ever.

And we are not the only ones!!! Here’s a rundown of some of the brands who are stepping up and out into this new normal to meet the current needs of their customers. 

The opportunities lie in the thinking outside of your current box and analysing what this new world offers as opposed to how it restricts us. 

The Story:

Providing wheels to those on the frontline. Jaguar and Land Rover have deployed more than 160 vehicles globally to support emergency response organizations during the coronavirus crisis.  

Our client, #Brompton is also setting aside manufacturing time and materials and willing to donate up to £100k in manufacturing costs themselves to keep the #NHS staff moving for free, and avoiding any crammed trains or undergrounds. 

The Trend:

Flexibility, resourcefulness and support are vital in times of crisis and what we are seeing here, are brand’s abilities to serve the key workers and really put “purpose” above “profit”. Jaguar Land Rover is also working closely with the UK government and has offered its research and engineering expertise, as well as digital engineering and design, printing of 3D models and prototypes, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science support. This is proof that power of technology, insight and the tools brands have, could possibly do greater good in a different realm of service. 

Our Take:

These companies are reporting a loss, they are disclosing financial information and expressing severe concern for the future of the company, yet at the same time, they are stepping up and helping offer a solution that appears to be having a bigger impact as they ‘serve’ as opposed to sell. Maybe that’s the approach brands should taking on a global level:

How can I “serve you” as opposed to how can “I sell to you” during this time of crisis. It’s not just you that has to adapt to a new world, so does your brand. 

The Story:

EBay offers free services for small businesses eyeing eCommerce With small business retailers closing shop—in many cases for good—eBay says it wants to help. The online marketplace debuted an accelerator program for retailers that only have a brick-and-mortar shop—no eCommerce site—and pledged up to $100 million in support.

The Trend:

Small businesses will have to adapt rapidly in order to survive and eCommerce support will be vital for this pool of newcomers who are entering the online marketplace. For those companies that have been able to remain strong in retail without the need for eCommerce proves that there is a need for their services. Those businesses that step into this new program lead by eBay are in with a chance of advancing during this time accessible to loyal consumers without the rent overhead. 

Our Take:

We are interested to see what type of small businesses ebay will be supporting and providing a platform for. The types of companies they eye up could be a clue for what future trends we can expect to see within the world of ecommerce. 

The Story:

The Knot Worldwide, which owns wedding sites, is helping its advertisers—vendors like caterers, flower companies and apparel brands— with financial assistance. 

The wedding industry, which typically ramps up in the spring, has been a hard hit by the pandemic. The Knot’s Vendor Assistance Program includes $10 million to help the company’s local advertisers with their advertising payments. 

The Trends:

Some industries may have a hit the pause button for a while, but certain brands like The Knot are providing tools and creating solutions to remain connected with their customers so that they can come back stronger once this has all passed. 

Our Take:

As companies pause their traditional services, we are seeing companies take time to reflect on what they are good at and build on what they could be better at. The knot is also rolling out new editorial features to help couples continue to plan for their nuptials at this time, even while homebound, like a virtual concierge. The opportunities lie in the thinking outside of your current box and analysing what this new world offers as opposed to how it restricts us. 

That’s it from us. Hope that rundown leaves you thinking about ways in which you can adapt and share your brand’s story in this new normal. See you next week!

Stay safe and stay Connected.


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