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Visit The Dark Side, Make Every Word Count And Let’s Be Clear… PPC Really Does matter.

What does a Reddit post have to look like to receive 76,500 upvotes? Simple. It looks like this:

Here’s our take on the latest trends in the world of digital marketing. Starting with the most important trend that went viral this week.

The Story: This Sentence Has Five Words

The email template was supposedly sent out via Amazon by mistake. Although the full story behind the error is not known, it seems as though a member of their marketing team accidentally sent out the template.

The Trend: Commit To A Formula

Let’s be clear, it’s not the error that is trending but more the formula that Amazon was using. Short, precise and intentional. Consumers are overwhelmed with noisy content and we are all trying to unlock the treasure chest of originality and impact so that we can gain the attention of our audience.  Who has a special set of keys? The Intentional writer. Pay close attention to the structure of the template because every marketing team could benefit from following the email’s simple instructions.

Our Take: Intentional Writing Is Sexy.

Be deliberate with your content. Make every word count. Create music with your sentences and tell a story that leaves your audience wanting more. Video shows no sign of slowing down in the content world, but copy will never go out of fashion. Write with intention and remember the 5-word sentence that Amazon was so kind enough to share with the world. 

The Story: Most Consumers Don’t Know How Search Works

Only 37% of consumers understand that search engine results are categorized by a combination of relevance and advertising spend. The other 63% of consumers believe that Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are categorized by either relevance or spend, or they simply “don’t know.

The Trend: Second Page Is Not An Option

Without a clear understanding of how search results are served up, consumers are more inclined to click on the result that appears first, believing it to be the most relevant option. With 54% of consumers saying they trust websites more that appear at the top of the SERP, this isn’t just an assumption.

Our Take: Use This To Your Advantage

As these numbers show, there is a general uncertainty and lack of understanding of how search engines actually work. Combine this with significant occurrences of poor online experiences and it means that oversight of paid search programs is more important than ever for brands today. The market still needs considerable education about the importance of SEO and/or better tools and techniques to demonstrate value.

The Story: Dark Design By Default

It’s almost impossible to ignore dark design. Users expect to be able to change their UI between a light and dark theme. 2020 will see dark design become more prevalent as the default theme.

The Trend: Forward Thinking

As well as reducing eye strain for users, it helps make design elements look bolder and creates visual contrast in conjunction with bold, vibrant colour palettes. Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon with one of the standout features of the website redesign is a new dark mode option on the web. Whether or not this dark mode option is enabled based on your system macOS setting remains to be seen, but hopefully, that will be the case. The default design of the new Facebook interface is lighter and brighter, but the new dark mode settings gives the best of both worlds.

Our Take: Find The Perfect Balance

Campaigns for the year ahead should look to factor this into their design plans, ensuring assets are both modern AND user-focused.

That’s your weekly rundown when it comes to this week’s trends. A big shout out to Sterling Network for inviting us as a guest to this week’s breakfast and to all of the incredible professionals who arrived with passion and energy at 7am for the meeting in Cheltenham. It just goes to show, you have to love what you do and be prepared to tell the story of your brand at any hour of the day. Stay up to date with our daily adventures at the agency by following us on Instagram at @ecrubox.


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