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Post-Influencer Culture. Fragmented Content And Why Big Brands Need To Think Like Start-Ups.

Here’s our take on the latest trends in the world of digital marketing.

Part of the “Engage you better,” “Rank you higher” “Digital Marketing Masters” community? Focused on fueling the growth of your brand’s online presence? Constantly on the lookout for the next big thing, both when it comes to consumer trends and the future of the digital marketing industry?  

Look no further, this is the blog for you; Here at Ecrubox we give you a rundown of the latest weekly trends, add our take AND analyse what it means to you and your brand.

Let’s jump to it. This week, we’ve frankly been a little all over the country. From London to Manchester, we’ve been downing espressos and meeting clients whilst diving into sessions: Enterprise Nation Conference, followed by a networking breakfast hosted by Olgivy; TheDrumPredicts2020 event. Throughout the week, we covered a lot of stories and uncovered a lot of trends. 

Here’s your rundown for this week:

The Story: The Drum’s first Virtual Influence. 

Our beloved Marketing mag took this month’s tagline “Marketing can change the world” to a whole new level. The Drum explored the future of the influencer market (a billion-dollar industry) and created a virtual influencer of their very own. In keeping with The Drum’s mission to champion the power of marketing to do good, the character created by VIA was designed to appeal to a specific audience: social users interested in environmentalism and added to the cover of the February issue. Let’s hear it for Flo!

The Trend: Owning The Power With Creativity.

In an effort to gain a greater degree of control over their influencer output, some marketers are attempting to replace humans from the equation with so-called virtual influencers, social media personalities whose followers are real but whose images (and, in some cases, words) are computer-generated.

Our Take: Influence is BIG business.

Marketers want more control over the message and less risk. When you invest in an influencer, you are investing in a human. When you invest in a virtual influencer, your creative team manages the personal brand. Less risk? Yes. But as we see a rise of activism and accountability in 2020, there will be a need for more humans to front the marketing campaigns. Users will want accessibility, personality and transparency. Virtual Influencers will have a place in the world of digital marketing but it will be a place, and not a complete takeover. 

The Story: SVOD (Subscriber video on demand) claims 66% of UK home entertainment. Who even owns a TV anymore?

According to the British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE). The organisation says subscriptions to SVOD (subscription-based video on demand) services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video not only provide a diversity of choice for consumers, but they also work as a launchpad for high-quality original content. I think we would all agree, content got way better when Netflix came around!

The Trend: Hyper-personalised and direct to consumer content is the future.

42 % of consumers who made a physical transaction within the past 12 months did so to add to a series collection such as ‘Game Of Thrones” and 43 % bought to give as a gift, and 46 % so they could re-watch on multiple occasions. That’s a lot of numbers but basically what the trend means is that targeting viewers with hyper-personalised suggestions of content is key and is helping drive these results.

Our Take: Fragmented content is the future.

The way people are consuming content is crucial for us digital marketers to understand and uncover. TV is being redefined, and brands increasingly need to approach video holistically, with new ways to measure impact and drive insights. 

The Story: Enterprise Nation hosted the biggest start-up show of the year.

The conference wast an ultimate success proving that BIG BRANDS can learn from today’s disruptors who are closer to the starting line.

The Trend: Community strength leads to growth of business.

Co Founder, Heather Horton Presenting at Enterprise Nation

Startup communities offer a platform whereby entrepreneurs can come together, share ideas, discuss challenges, offer solutions and share communities. This leads to growth of business. Our co-founder, Heather Horton attended as a featured guest and gave a session on “Everything you need to know about seo in 2020” The small business community supports each other and creates opportunities through connections and content. The event provided us introductions to potential clients, feedback and suggestions on new business. Overall we left feeling inspired and energised by all things start-up.

Our Take: Founders need to build linear brand relationships- not just communities from the top down.

When companies consider partnerships with other brands that align with their own mission and values, it will help build a healthier digital ecosystem. Corporations can learn and grow from each other, tackle challenges, invest in solutions and make a larger impact at a quicker scale. 

That’s it from us this week. You can stay up to date with our daily tips, insights and take on trends by following us @ecrubox and if you are interested in learning more about our top marketing hacks? Visit our top tips that we have tried and tested. Have a great weekend and we will check in next Friday with our take on all things digital.


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